Tuesday, October 28, 2008

book launch of Watching the Watchmen!

Brought: World's Finest and Watchmen, natürlich. Asked Dave Gibbons to sign World's Finest and talked to him about Justice League (the show) and we talked a bit about the ep based on his and Alan Moore's comic. I moaned that I couldn't find the issue and he told me where to get it in trade paperback. Then I told him I saw Alan Moore's cameo in JL--I thought it might have been a bit insulting, but apparently Alan Moore not only agreed to it, he was paid! I ♥ Bruce Timm et al. Dave Gibbons thought it was really funny too.

Had 3 cocktails: 2 Silk Spectres (Cointreau, Absolut Citron, something else and cranberry juice--quite strong) and a Dr Manhattan (Cointreau, bourbon, and some sort of orange liqueur--nuclear strong). They were created for the occasion and were absolutely free! Did have a lot of finger food--I didn't want to be too tipsy to speak to Dave Gibbons. (I was quite tipsy afterwards though)

Met some lovely people from Titan Books and Foyles who were just as nerdy as me. It's such a relief to go somewhere and be able to talk with people the same way as I do on LJ! It was the same big geekfest atmosphere as at a convention, only concentrated and intensified into less than 50 people. Everyone was a bookseller or a publisher, a publisher's representative or an author (except for Dave Gibbons' family). It felt really, really special and at the same time just as comfortable as a normal geekfest.

Oh, and the lovely, lovely Titan people are sending me my very own free copy of the book.

:D \o/

In conclusion:

If this made me as happy as it did, I can't wait for Himself's event!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

let's try this again...

Starting an open blog so people can keep up with daily doings. It's nice to have a journal that other people can read--will encourage me to keep a more regular record.

So to start out, here is something I've been working on lately...technical drawings for machines. Now that I'm fairly comfortable with human figures it's time to brush up on other things. (Admittedly the recent Bat-madness has had something to do with it...)

The bike is a Kawasaki tourer. :)

As for news: Neil Gaiman is coming for a Blackwell Halloween event! And there will be costumes!!! My friend/manager Sarah Tilley and I are thinking of going as Batman and Batman Beyond. More on this as it happens.