Filipino. In 1986 I saw my first Miyazaki and The Last Unicorn (which were made by the same studio under different names) and decided I wanted to work in animation. I read a lot of fairy tales, Doctor Seuss and comics, which also had a profound influence on my art.

Things I love: science fiction and fantasy, animated films, books, comics, cities and the history behind them. Art, especially realistic painting, and art history. Mythology and ancient culture. Going to different places around the world to see all these things.

Things I write about in this blog: art that I made. Artists who inspire me. My process and the things that I use to create my art - what I like to call 'thinking with your hands'.

I also have another blog with my mom called wonder | wander | women, where we write about places we go and things we like, and wonder | wander | world, which is about what inspires us.

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