Sunday, August 28, 2011

I think I saw a face...

So this turned out nothing like the reference, and there are some things to fix before I go on to the clothes, but I'm very happy with it so far.

Thinking of everyone 'oop North' weathering Hurricane Irene. Hope you're all ok.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peach Fall

Blue Heron waterbrushes, Golden watercolours (yes, the incredibly cheap ones!) and ink. Rotring liner and Pilot G-tec size 0.25, for the dots. If anyone wants to point and yell 'Aubrey Beardsley!' I must admit that it's more a Franz von Bayros influence than the great Beardsley.

And for God's sake don't Google that name when you're at work.

(Speaking of which, did you see today's Google Doodle? Happy Birthday, SeƱor Borges!)

Also experimenting with working in GIMP instead of Photoshop. Verdict so far: ANNOYING.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

computer issues, Girls in Dresses

Computer trouble + bad install of scanner driver = crappy Photo Booth pictures. But I haven't posted for a while and I didn't want you to think I'd been lazy.

Some vintage- style illustrations I've been doing, using Pentel brush pen and something really amazing from a company called Blue Heron, which I will post about soon.

I really liked painting the butterfly dress.

One that looks like my friend Monique.

And below I've done one in the style of Daily Candy, or at least what Daily Candy used to look like, which I loved. Sadly they seem to have a different look now...

Anyway, I will figure this new OS out and hopefully get some decent scans in soon.