Wednesday, October 21, 2009

new stuff!

It has been a miserable couple of months for most people all round, so I thought I'd post something cheery and brightly coloured.

What I have read/seen lately:
Robin McKinley's Sunshine - best antidote to Twilight while still being about vampires
Justice - Alex Ross's watercolours of the JLA all armored up, woo!
Hark! A Vagrant - with the trusty Wikipedia close to hand
Glee - at first I thought of it as an antidote to High School Musical (hmm...been reacting a little too much to things methinks?), but I love it in its own right. And also as a karaoke substitute.
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books - Clever ladies who love romance novels. Just because you have every book Diana Gabaldon or Victoria Holt wrote, doesn't mean you're intellectually challenged. (Cassie Edwards on the other hand...)

Here is some artwork! I like doing little A6 paintings of this kind. It was fun to do simple work with bright colours all in one go instead of overthinking everything.

I made colour copies of the paintings to put in a novelty plastic "Foto-Bag" I got at National Bookstore:

(Wow, blogger-uploaded pics are so full of arbitrary code.)

So anyway, that was fun, if a bit late. Later days! ♥