Friday, April 17, 2009

fashion mystified

I really like being into fashion without really being in fashion. Coming from a totally different range of fandom (or to be more precise, fandoms) gives me an entirely new context. It also encourages me to appreciate another person's style without having to factor in criteria like "season x/year x", "overhyped" or "designer of the moment". (Which is not to say I don't factor in my own criteria, like "Chuck Jones" or "cyberpunk" or "fairy-tastic".)

That's why I can roll around in delight over the photographer blogger on Jak and Jil calling this photo "The Watchmen":

...without having an opinion or 122. Well actually, I suppose sheer nerdy delight at the idea of The Fashion Watchmen (quis custodiet ipsos custodes?) counts as an opinion!

A huge advantage of being an illustrator instead of a stylist is that I can happily look up to Jane Aldridge as one of my muses:

...without having her wardrobe budget or relying on eBay. Inspiration is free; see below:


BHAKTI creative designs said...
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BHAKTI creative designs said...

Watchmen - ha! I so ditto this!