Wednesday, February 17, 2010


It's funny how when you've decided to do something for real, and not just fooling yourself or saying 'I really am definitely going to start working on initiating the process of thinking about doing this thing...'

...then you start getting little boosts out of nowhere. It's encouraging.

Anyway, here are the bottle pics that I promised. I like them a lot, but they seem a bit scratchy and I know I'll do better with the next batch, although I intend to do those in ballpoint too. The thing with these bottles is that you really need colour to make them pop, otherwise they're just not as interesting as the originals.

Oh, and another bit from The Alchemy, sans scan for now:

There is no having made it. You are always making it. That is the entire point. The making is where you always want to be. The revelation is the action not the subject.

Hence the label for my art posts...

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you are such a fab artist!