Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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So while I was pretending not to stalk a bunch of my friends on The Social Media That Dares Not Speak Its Name For Fear Of More Bloody F4rmVi113 Sp4m, I happened on this:

On Work by Kent Nurburn (non-FB link--FB link is here)

Which reminded me I hadn't posted any Alchemy for a while.

For those of you just joining us...Kabuki - The Alchemy is the seventh book in a series, but with a very different tone from its predecessors. It stands alone as an exploration of turning points in one's life, of vocation and what vocation means to different people at different times in their lives.

Click the pictures to enlarge and read the complete text.

Stranger on Plane (DM): Don't choose a career based solely on job security. You can work for what you think is the most secure corporation in the world. But even that giant company can buy you off or stab you in the back.
Don't sacrifice your dreams for the illusion of security. There is no security. This will free you up to do what you really need to do. Use this as an opportunity to realise your dreams.

Kabuki: What if you are not sure what those are?

DM: Start by recalling what you liked to do as a child...Around the age of 9 to 11.
At that age your personality is sophisticated enough to know what you are internally motivated to do, but it is right before the age where you begin to submerge your natural identity...Think back to what you enjoyed before they squeezed your dreams into a box of practicality.

Before you were labelled or groomed for your family's or society's explanations of you.

Kabuki (thinking): I peel all that away to peek underneath at what is inside. What I was. Before the mask. Before the scars.

DM: Write down what you enjoyed doing at that early time in your life. Chances are you have the innate ability to do that, because you are designed to do it. Hardwired for it.

You make the list and then the list becomes real. But not just the reality changes. You change as well. You grow as you create. Because you are essentially creating yourself.
You can take a part of you that died or was damaged...and bring life to it.
Take your problems, your baggage. And turn your garbage into gold.

Kabuki: Alchemy.

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