Wednesday, October 5, 2011

altered book

Rabid bibliophiles, this post contains abuse of actual printed books (well, book). You might want to look away.

Some work I've done for my altered book. It is called The Bennets of Tresillian and is the most boring book on the Lord's earth, and I carefully chose it for its commonness (is that a word? lack of scarcity maybe) and high quality of binding as well as being too boring to read.
I find myself reading it anyway, whenever I work on it. Incurable reader, that's me.

Mostly gouache and pens and magazine clippings. Also, in no order: pastel crayons, watercolour pencils, gesso, markers, ink, leaky biros, acrylic paint, screen transfers, and tea.

This window was a rubber stamp.

More altered books and artist's journals here, here and here. Also some tips on how to get into it yourself.


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