Sunday, August 26, 2012

Same as it ever was...

It's time for the annual Birthday Wish list! And I mean like Santa-style, wish-upon-a-star list, as everybody likes to play around with on their birthdays.

1) A ticket to ride (or possibly a chicken to ride, according to the mondegreen)

2) A Lomo Lubitel, LC-A, LC-A Wide, or possibly just a film SLR

3) Adobe Illustrator? or possibly a Photoshop that isn't Elements? ;_;

4) a Wacom Intuos

5) Alcoholic hot chocolate with either homemade or Bailey's marshmallows, mmm.

6) ...and as for non-tangibles, I really wish I had a week in Manila to spend with my friends ;_; ;_; ;_;

What else do I want? My cousin's coming home from Barcelona, and my uncle will be in town the week after, so that'll be fun. I'm actually set for books, just for once. And there are lots of nice toys in the house to play with. Really the only thing I sincerely want more of at this point is free time, and a bit more money. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Have a frazzled Arthur to end the post...

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