Sunday, March 3, 2013

page a day: merboy and magician

So I've been writing a Little Mermaid retelling in which the mermaid is male, the Sea Witch is also male (and in love with him) and instead of being set in pseudo-medieval England, it's set in pseudo-medieval Moorish Spain.

Anyway, have some wistful angst and pretty boys in flowy robes. Pentel brush pen and Caran D'Ache aquarelle pencils.


saki said...

Good luck on your project :) I find it hard enough to even think of an idea for a comic. I think standalone illustrations might be more my thing.

Mahala said...

Oh, I get all these wild ideas and then I am hard pressed to think of a coherent plotline! So I mostly do a lot of vignettes. It's basically the same thing you do only I can't let it go even when I'm done with it XD