Thursday, December 19, 2013

blast from future past: Treasure Planet

Treasure Planet was in 2002, for goodness' sake, and I still can't get over James Pleiades Hawkins and his 90s hairdo and ridiculous face.

I kind of want to draw his adventures at space academy. Scratch that, I really want to draw his adventures at space academy. He'd fall in with a lovable bunch of misfits, only a few humans but mostly alien races, and they'd get far better results than any of the legacy kids, and at the end of the third year there is an attempted pirate takeover and they foil it, and that's pretty much their graduation.

Yes, I have put too much thought into this. That's why it would be amazing.

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saki said...

Great facial expressions! The hands look natural, too. People can say all they want about Disney, but a lot of us started out inspired by it at some point. My favorites as a kid were The Little Mermaid (inaccurate as it was) followed by Beauty and the Beast.