Friday, April 11, 2014

On the fly: Philippine holiday

I still haven't got the hang of travel sketching - I am still not very good at drawing on the fly; I am too nervous and hesitant. But here are some attempts.

Drive-by sketching in a Manila taxi. Copic Multiliner 1.0.

My cousin's friend had a gig at a club: it was too dark to see his face, and our table was off to the side a bit, but I did my best with pen and coloured it in later. Pen & Ink Sketch fountain pen with Lexington Grey ink, Faber Castell brush markers.

If there's anywhere I really love to hang out in my hometown, it's the Art District: a trendy area that grew out of the parking lot of a local department store. 

Bars, restaurants and clubs grow on top of one another, and street artists are invited to cover the walls with murals.

I went to an improv show and had some great mojitos in the lovely tropical weather. Didn't get much drawing done, but had a great time!

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