Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jonsi Project Production Diary, Part 2

Part 1

This post has nudity, so I'm putting it under a cut. I know, the last post did too, but it was very sketchy. This one has bright watercolour female nudity, so behind the jump-cut curtain it goes!

Look, it's finished!

Last post left off before the painting of the foreground elements. Today I started with the trees. I painted them with strong tea that I squeezed from my morning teabag! (well, after I'd made myself a cuppa, obv) I love the effect of the tea; it seems to make the trees glow.

I then added a bit of water and used the leftover tea to paint the shadows on the crane woman's skin, with watercolour pencil for highlights. She's a redhead, as you can see, so she has a pale complexion.

Then I painted the crane part of her with more watercolour pencil.

Get a closer look at her below.

I'm really pleased with it! I hope all the others turn out this well.

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