Thursday, May 5, 2011

Would You Trust Me to Teach You Art?

Would you guys be interested in reading an art tutorial blog if I wrote one?

Those of you still following my Notes on Facebook, or this blog on Tumblr, may have noticed the first post of something I've decided to call 'Thinking with Your Hands'. I'm not presuming to tell people HOW to DO ART; I'll share some pieces I'm proud of (and maybe some I'm not) and explain how I did them and what I enjoyed or struggled with in the process.

So you'll see more posts of this kind floating in; let me know if you liked them or what other art-related things you'd like me to bring up.



Lyra said...

YES. Wag ka nang mag-tanong. The answer is always YES.

Spiral Prince said...

Yes, please. :)

P. Maiba said...

Of course my dear! Just do it! ;p

Mahala said...

Thanks, guys :)